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4828 Butler Rd, Glyndon, MD 21071, Glyndon, MD, 21071, US

Phone: (410) 833-5200


The early 1920s not only gave rise to national icons such as Wonder Bread, Chanel No. 5, and Sears Roebuck, but it was the beginning of a new era in the Baltimore area for high-quality laundry care.

Mr. and Mrs. Merrick opened Glyndon Cleaners in 1921 with service, quality, and convenience as hallmarks of their enterprise. They employed over 50 people and ran a fleet of trucks out of the charming community of Glyndon, MD, 21 miles from Baltimore City Hall. They also operated a community pool next to Glyndon Cleaners; filling it with the artisan well water on the property.

In the late 1940s, the Merrick’s sold Glyndon Cleaners to our Granddad, Robert Mathias. Granddad shared the same philosophies as the Merrick’s and continued Glyndon Laundry’s legacy of exceptional cleaning and care while providing the Baltimore area with outstanding customer service and convenience through its fleet of pick-up and delivery trucks.
Granddad also purchased the pool sometime in the late 1940s. This proved to be very intuitive, because his daughter, Di, met her future husband, Otts, at the Glyndon Pool in the summer of 1951 when she was lifeguarding. And as they say…the rest is history!

Our Dad, Otts, ran Glyndon Laundry for over 50 years. He cared about the community, our employees, and the business intensely. He also adored his wife and seven children, two of whom are the third generation of our family to carry on the legacy of Glyndon Cleaners.

In the late 1990s, Glyndon Cleaners merged with another fine, local family dry cleaning and laundry business that began in the early 1920s, Lord Baltimore Cleaners. We are proud to carry on the traditions of both families as Glyndon Lord Baltimore Cleaners while maintaining the trust that generations of Baltimore area customers have placed in us.


I LOVE Lord Baltimore Cleaners!
~ LB AMAZED me by saving my base Sofa cushions (the three big ones that “are” the sofa, oddly having some SILK in the fabric so that even water causes stains ) from cat urine! My cat had a UTI I did not know about and one night he peed so thoroughly on one cushion that it soaked onto all three. Lord Baltimore did such a great job that there is no way to tell it even happened!
~ LB does a great job on all my alterations, even my drop offs at my local store (meaning I didn’t have to physically visit their Glyndon location where their alterations staff is located). LB’s tailors/seamstresses followed well the notes I provided!
~ LB has traditional, personal customer service: the now very rare, very consciousness kind customers enjoyed long ago!
~ They actually (ready for this?) PICK UP THE PHONE AND CALL YOU WITH ANY QUESTIONS THEY MAY HAVE ABOUT YOUR ITEMS/ORDER!! ~ Their at-time-of-my-drop off intake software allows the CSR to enter Notes I want the person who actually performs the work on my items to know! Imagine that : Real, two-way personal communication about my clothes/“stuff” : - ))! Yeah!!
~The VALUE of any item, even an old sweater, is more than the item itself… the value could include any of a number of factors: MY time acquiring it, sentimental value/ who may have given or handed it down to me, if it’s unique so whether easy, difficult or even impossible to replace, how good I look in it (Ha!), how practical it is to me, what it would cost to replace, etc.
I believe LB, with their years of experience, understands that any of these, plus a myriad of other factors, potentially exist in any item they receive.
~ I always feel comfortable sharing (using my time to do so!) personal factors about my items with LB because I have experienced that they WILL use it for my final satisfaction with their work/efforts/cost for the work the detail I communicate to them!
~ Pick-up from and Return back to your home when cleaning completed mobile service?? Fantastic! NOTHING more needs to be said! BUT, indulge final detail of the cat urine soaked big sofa cushions: I did NOT want my local LB store to have to suffer the large, cat urine sofa cushions… so LB’s Pick Up Service was amazingly helpful for that “issue”!! LB’s CSR Drivers are very friendly and professional (and they Text Msj you about your Pick-Ups and Deliveries (you don’t have to be home!)!
I knew my awful-smelling sofa cushions were in good hands ; - }}. (Sorry! AND Thank You, Lord Baltimore! You literally saved me from being sofa-less; I had no funds sitting around to purchase a new sofa (which happens to be one of a matched, 3-piece Loveseat and Side Chair set - so all my Living Room $eating was at risk 🙏! )
~ I have been told by other satisfied LB customers of LB’s well earned, reputation as a trustworthy, talented, and considerable service asset for customers having clothes, curtains, linens, rugs, upholstered items, antique items, formal or wedding apparel with GREATER than normal monetary (or antique/heirloom value). So, LB can be entrusted with it all; LB has NIO expertise ceiling.
~ I have witnessed that everyone at Lord Baltimore is STILL passionately committed to both: a high level of quality work, and, their highest level of customer service.
~ I learned of Lord Baltimore from the Designer at Ethan Allen when purchasing my Living Room curtains. So, it is my experience that Lord Baltimore is highly regarded by other service professionals!
~ I will ALWAYS trust and use Lord Baltimore!!
~ I absolutely believe YOU will be as well pleased with Lord Baltimore Cleaners as I am!

Thank you for reading my recommendation for which it was my pleasure to give to Lord Baltimore Cleaners,

— Stephanie M

Excellent quality, fast turnaround, and fantastic service at a fair price. My new dry cleaner!

— Keith D

I had lots of clothes to refresh for fall. Glyndon Lord Baltimore was super friendly on drop off and pick up at their store. And, they did a wonderful job on my clothes. Their app is really helpful for alerting when ready and for payment. Fantastic experience!

— GR

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