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60 Main Street, Reisterstown, MD, 21136, US

Phone: (410) 833-4233


24hr Emergency Callout Service
Our regular business hours are from 8:00 A.M. through 5:30 P.M. Monday through Friday.
All other hours are billed at the EMERGENCY SERVICE RATE of double the applicable hourly rate. There is no EMERGENCY SERVICE RATE charged if work is started before 5:30 P.M. If labor passes the 5:30 P.M. hour, the remaining time will be billed as Emergency Service.
When charging an hourly rate, including extra work if necessary or on “time and materials” jobs, Main Street Electric will bill the home or business owner for only actual hours worked at the owner’s direction.
Electrical Safety Inspections and Certifications
Electric Service Entrance Upgrades and Replacement for Residential and Commercial Installations
New Electrical Installations of all Types
Service and Repair Work for all Type of Occupancies
Electrical Consulting and Calculation Services
Insurance Claims Of All Types
Lighting and Electrical Power Design Services
Performance Bonds up to $100,000.00
Bucket Truck Services to 43 Feet for Pole Lighting and Sign Lighting Installation and Repair
Real Estate Property Sale Electrical Deficiency Evaluation and Repairs


We asked Scott to price out a car-charging unit at our rental home, and I warned him that we would have to go to the landlord with the estimate to discuss any job. Scott gave a thorough appraisal of the house’s entire electrical system and told us what would be needed to set up the car charger. He explained each concern he had and what could (or should!) be done to bring the charger up to code. It was a really helpful review, even though he knew the decision of what would be done for the house wasn’t entirely up to us. We really appreciate the time and care he took to explain each step of the process we would need to undertake.

— Chris G

We really like the fact that everything Scott supplies and installs is covered by Main Street Electric’s warranty. Case in point: our roof fan failed last year. Scott arranged to have a replacement shipped to us; removed the original unit; installed the replacement fan; and even gave us the paperwork to file a claim with the company. No charge! We were ecstatic when just a few weeks later we received a check for $120 as a sign of the manufacturer’s goodwill.

— Max D

It went great. He arrived on time, replaced the existing light with a better quality light in the garage. He also put in a new outlet for the refrigerator/freezer which is in the garage. As stated above he replaced the sensor light in the garage with a better quality light because it was staying on low all the time which it should not have done.

I have used Scott for many years and know that I will always get quality work. When I moved into my new house I needed a larger light with a sensor put in my garage along with a new outlet for the refrigerator in the garage. It turned out the garage light was staying on very low all of the time. Scott ended up coming back and replacing it with another more expensive light with no extra charge.

— Nina B

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